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500W Portable Power Station LiFePO4 Battery Pack Outdoor Energy Storage System

500W Portable Power Station LiFePO4 Battery Pack Outdoor Energy Storage System

Battery: 518Wh
Dimension: 288*160*230mm
Weight: 7KG
Fully Charging Time: 8h
Operation Temperature: -10℃-40℃
Input: 120WMax, 60W Max, Car Cigar Port/Solar Panel /TYPE-C/Charger (6514)
AC Output:
110V 50Hz/60Hz, 220V
DC Output:
USB(QC3.0)*3: 5V2.4A
Type-C(PD)*1: 5V~20V Max. 60W (Two-way)
Cigarette Lighter Output: 12V 8A Max. 120W
Wireless Output : 10W*2
LED Light: 3W, including SOS
LED Monitor: power indication/12VDC power output indication/USB output indication/TYPE-C output indication/AC output indication/wireless charging output indication/fan turn-on indication/output total power/temperature display


Whether you enjoy taking to the great outdoors on the weekend or live in an area with frequent blackouts, owning one of the best portable power stations is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Not only do they provide a reliable source of power with AC outlet, DC outlet, USB outlet, Type-C input and outlet, Wireless charging, but their ability to be easily transported allows them to go anywhere.

But, what makes these portable generators so valuable is their wide range of use. Perhaps you enjoy only partially unplugging while roughing it with the family, and you want an effective way to keep your smartphone, laptop, Mini fans, Drone, Camping Light, Bluetooth speaker juiced up while out of the house. Or, maybe you're intent on preparing for an inevitable power outage or disaster situation. Whatever the case might be, an effective portable power station works wonders for anyone's peace of mind.


CTECHI BEAR 500W portable power station with 518Wh power capacity,which can effectively power the same electronic equipment longer than other camping batteries. CTECHI BEAR 500W portable power station generator has powerful functions, and can be used for home / travel / Camping after full charge, charging mobile phones, tablet computers, tablet computers, GPS, notebook computers, walkie talkies, GoPro, cameras, drones, holiday lights and CPAP machines.


1) Any compatible 100W solar panel (not included) can be used to charge the solar generator in the way of solar energy, portable generator can be fully charged in 8-10 hours.
2) Plug in the wall power socket for charging, and it can be fully charged within 5-8 hours.
3) Plug in the 12V socket of the car to charge, and it can be fully charged within 8-10 hours.
And the generator is only 7kg, you can carry it with you, never worry about the lack of power supply.


CTECHI BEAR 500W power station has standard 2 * pure sine wave AC power socket; 3 * QC 3.0 USB (5V / 3.1A, maximum 15W); 1 * C type (5V-20V, maximum 45W); 1 * Vehicle Port (maximum 12V / 10A 120W). Power CPAP anywhere:We strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC converter to work with this portable power station for better effect.


Portable power station use battery management system (BMS) to improve battery utilization, and extend battery service life through short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, overheating protection and other functions.  In addition, the portable generator is equipped with a wireless charger and a built-in multi-mode flashlight, which can quickly charge the mobile phone in case of emergency and help with LED SOS mode.


Pure sine wave inverter, working faster, quieter and more stable. No gasoline or toxic fumes, completely healthy and environmentally friendly. CTECHI solar generator always provides professional and friendly customer assistance so that you can better understand and use the product.

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