Quality Control

Research & Development

CTECHi is constantly on its achievements, to improve existing products and implement new technologies. Our engineers and technicians are working on the following objectives:

Design new products;

Improve the production process technology;

Integrate customer`s demands.

CTECHi won many patents in battery management system, charging management systems and other aspects since set up.


Product Test

In order to ensure the quality, for every new cell, we will do the safety test before mass production. The test includes: Free fall, Impact, Nail penetrating, Crushing, Thermal shock, Projectile, Short-circuit, Overcharge & Over-discharge. Those test contents all passed, then can go to mass production.

We know that complete product testing is extremely of importance in battery industry, which ensures the qualified products as well as enhances anti-risk ability for the company.

Quality Control

CTECHi is committed to provide customers with the top quality available today and in the future. We have professional QC technicians implementing the total quality control in every process, including Incoming Quality Control (IQC); In-process Quality Control (IPQC); Outgoing Quality Control (OQC); Final Quality Control (FQC); Safety and Reliability Test, ect. 5S and visual management are carried out to make any possible problem visible and get immediate correction.

Quality Control Flow



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