CTECHI Portable Power Station

Analysis of outdoor electricity demand:

  With the development of society, a variety of outdoor equipment and instruments appear. It will be difficult to get electricity when working outdoors. The generator is heavy and inconvenient to carry. The battery capacity of the device is too small.


  CTECHI portable AC and DC power bank introduction:

  Portable AC and DC power banks have various names and are generally called: portable AC and DC power banks, portable power banks, portable energy storage power banks, portable UPS power banks, portable emergency power banks, and portable outdoor power banks. It has the characteristics of large capacity, small size and lightweight!


  Outdoor emergency power solutions:

  CTECHI portable outdoor power bank, also has AC 220V output, DC 48V, 24V, 12V, 5V, and other DC outputs! It can meet the electricity needs of most electrical equipment!

  For different power equipment and different demand time, portable outdoor power banks with different specifications can be selected.

  The portable outdoor power bank is simple to use: just plug in the device and turn it on!

  It can easily solve the outdoor electricity problem of various equipment and instruments!


  Application areas:

  Portable AC and DC emergency power banks are widely used in medical rescue, emergency communications, environmental monitoring, fire rescue, military camping training, outdoor office, home power outage emergency and mountainous areas without electricity; telecommunications network installation and maintenance optimization; military information company; geographic mapping Team; absentee oil exploration team; architectural design survey; water conservancy and water affairs inspection; outdoor shooting of advertising media; forestry agriculture wild resources inspection and so on.


  Solve the pain points:

  CTECHI portable AC and DC power bank solves the problem of electricity consumption of various types of equipment and instruments when working outdoors, improves people's work efficiency and facilitates people's lives.



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