Battery Management System

Accessories such as BMS, PCM, and PCB are mainly for the use of battery pack products,adding this accessory is equivalent to adding extra protection to your battery pack,it is well known that lithium-ion batteries are dangerous because lithium is very active,in a short circuit, high temperature environment, spontaneous combustion or even explosion may occur. At this time, this type of accessory is very useful, it can protect the battery, in addition to the ability to set the battery to work in different ways.

Product Information

Model Charging Battery Type Battery in Series Continue Working Current/A Over-Current Protection/A
CT-1S-20A Li-ion & LiFePO4 1S 15A 30A
CT-3S-3A Li-ion & LiFePO4 3S 3A 10A
CT-4S-9A Li-ion & LiFePO4 4S 9A 40A
CT-5S-10A Li-ion & LiFePO4 5S 10A 20A
CT-6S-12A Li-ion & LiFePO4 6S 12A 20A
CT-7S-15A Li-ion & LiFePO4 7S 15A 40A
CT-8S-15A Li-ion & LiFePO4 8S 15A 40A
CT-10A-20A Li-ion & LiFePO4 10S 20A 65A
CT-13S-70A Li-ion & LiFePO4 13S 70A 140A
CT-24S-120A Li-ion & LiFePO4 24S 120A 300A
CT-24S-250A Li-ion & LiFePO4 24S 250A 490A

Application Scope