Which is more important for bottomless prices and fine quality control

Which is more important for bottomless prices and fine quality control?

Every once in a while we will see news about electric bikes, balancing cars and fires.




So is it a dangerous lithium-ion battery that is easy to fire and explode? Do we need to talk about lithium color change?

Let's look at the production process of a battery pack:


From the flow chart we produced above, it can be seen that materials, product inspection and quality control are carried out at every stage, regardless of material, process, and shipment, to ensure that any possible abnormal problems are found and resolved in time.

In fact, we are doing more than that. For each battery we choose, we will conduct destructive testing of the products to ensure the quality of each model.

However, because of the huge demand in the battery market, there are many small production and processing workshops. They do not have any processes and quality control. In such a small workshop, the lithium battery is assembled. Safety is our top priority.

On October 31, 2019, the grid staff of the some Street Grid Integrated Management Center and the some Police Station investigated and dealt with a den of illegally processing electric vehicle batteries, and seized 186 electric vehicle battery packs.


The grid staff of the some Street Grid Integrated Management Center found that the rented houses in a small area were filled with lithium batteries for electric vehicles, and the wires in the room were randomly connected and pulled. There were serious safety hazards and illegal assembly, and illegal production and assembly of lithium batteries.


The small workshops that illegally assemble lithium batteries do not have a professional R&D technical team, nor do they have the economic strength to introduce expensive production equipment and assemble them in a messy environment. Such "cobbled" lithium batteries are extremely dangerous, and the counterfeit products such as knock-off goods and brand-name brands not only disrupt the market, but also threaten the lives of consumers.


Battery safety is a top priority. The lithium batteries produced in these small workshops are easy to cause self-ignition of electric vehicles. The lithium batteries processed by the immature small workshops are just time bombs!

For electric vehicle lithium batteries, product quality is related to the safety of consumers' travel. Once spontaneous combustion and explosion occur, the consequences are very bad. In order to avoid overheating or even explosion of lithium ion batteries, there are high requirements for safe production environment and process, and the safety design of lithium batteries and the material safety of lithium batteries are also the key factors to ensure the safety of lithium batteries.

Seeing this, we still talk about lithium color, because the quality of these small workshops makes us feel no sense of security.

However, in the formal lithium battery processing plant, there are already very mature production technologies, from raw material ingredients, to the production of batteries, to the assembly of the pack process, which is high enough to ensure that the battery is used under normal conditions. Safety and actual testing. In the subsequent product testing, these lithium battery brands also use advanced equipment for testing to ensure product consistency and eliminate process safety hazards.



Therefore, before we buy a lithium battery pack, we should not only look at the price, but as long as the price is low, we must choose a company with quality assurance.

CTECHI can't give you a cheaper price, but it can guarantee a safer battery pack.


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