Industrial application of LIFEPO4 battery

With the continuous progress of society, more and more new batteries have been developed, among which there are many new batteries with mature technology, LIFEPO4 is one of them.

Traditional lead-acid batteries have pollution, because containing heavy metal lead will pollute our environment if not properly handled. The most important thing is that lead Acid is far inferior to LIFEPO4 batteries in overall battery performance. At the same time, lead-acid batteries also face many industry pain points, such as higher operating costs, tax levy, demographic dividend, political dividend advantage is no longer obvious; Capacity lags behind the growth of scale and faces overcapacity and vicious competition.

The new LIFEPO4 battery can perfectly solve the pain points of the industry, and it can be perfectly solved in terms of the service life, safety and performance of the battery, so LIFEPO4 battery is gradually replacing the lead-acid battery.  

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