Good luck with your work throughout the new year.

February 12, 2019 is the eighth day of the Chinese New Year, In traditional Chinese customs,Today is the best day to end your vacation and start working

At 8:30 in the morning,We held a grand start working ceremony on time. First, Mr. Deng, the general manager of CTECHI GROUP, delivered a speech. He summed up our work for the previous year and made plans for the goals and development of the company for the new year. After the general manager’s speech, He also sent a red envelope to every employee. According to traditional Chinese customs, the boss will prepare a red envelope for each employee on the day of start working. It is used to motivate employees to work hard and achieve their goals in the new year.


We have reason to believe that we also have confidence that CTECHi will do better in the new year and continue to promote our products and brands to the world.

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