Future trend, Lithium ion replaces lead-acid battery

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a "death order"! Lead-acid batteries must not be used from April! The cost of electric vehicles has risen!

The new national standard for lithium batteries will be implemented, and two months later, the new national standard for electric vehicles will be implemented. Electric vehicles can only use lithium batteries, and lead-acid batteries are facing a disaster!

01, Electric car prices are about to rise

As we all know, according to the relevant requirements of the new national standard for electric vehicles, the main direction of electric bicycles in the future is lithium electrification and light weight, while the lithium battery industry will be integrated with national industrial policies and related industrial development planning and layout requirements, and the new national standard electric vehicle market will be in the future. Will present a situation of helpless price increases!

02, Lithium battery safety

In the future, the lithium battery market will be more perfect. In Article 14 (5) of the Interim Measures for the Administration of Specification Regulations for Lithium-Ion Batteries, it is clearly stated that the enterprises that have been revoked will not accept the application materials within two years. The company will further implement production and safety responsibilities!

03, Accelerate the upgrade of lithium battery technology

All know that the lithium battery technology is immature, and the electric vehicle fire accident caused by the lithium battery continues to deepen the inexplicable fear of the lithium battery. The new national standard for lithium batteries clearly proposes that the policy requires enterprises to increase investment in technology, encourage enterprises to upgrade the technology of lithium battery products, and ensure the safety performance of lithium batteries!

Lithium-ionization of electric vehicles is the future trend.

The arrival of the industry standard for lithium-ion batteries is a good thing for the future development of the industry!

Instead of lead-acid batteries, the Lithium-ion battery packs produced by CTECHI specialize in replacing lead-acid batteries.

For example: CT-12V100Ah, CT-12V200Ah, CT-12V240Ah

Here is our comparison of lithium ion and lead acid batteries:

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