2018 Munich International Electronic Components Exhibition

Founded in 1964, the Munich Electronics Fair is held every two years and has become a top event in the global electronics industry. Elites from around the world gathered in Munich to discuss the development of the global electronics industry and the future of the electronics market over the past two years.

Since the establishment of CTECHi, each session has actively participated in the exhibition. While promoting our brand to the public, we also actively understand the leading technologies in today's industry, making our products more competitive and cost-effective.

We believe that in the future, electric energy will replace traditional fossil fuels and become mainstream power systems. More and more old technologies and products will gradually be eliminated, and CTECHi is always at the forefront of the industry. The purpose of the exhibition is not only to expand our users and markets, but also to demonstrate our industry attitude and to make the company a leader in the industry.










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