• What are the factors affecting lithium battery SOH

    The aging of lithium batteries is a long-term gradual process. The health of batteries is affected by many factors such as temperature, current rate, and cut-off voltage. At present, research and modeling analysis of battery health status have achieved certain results.
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  • Medical Battery Pack solution for Flaw detector standby

    About Medical Flaw Detector StandbyThe flaw detector is a portable industrial non-destructive testing instrument that can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects (welds, cracks, inclusions, folds, pores, blisters, etc.) inside the workpiece quickly, easily, without damage and accurately.
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  • Trends discussed at this stage of the car battery and power battery for all major brands of choice

    Battery technology is a great invention with a wonderful and long history. "Battery" first appeared in 1749. It was first used by American inventor Benjamin Franklin, who used a series of capacitors in series to conduct electricity. experiment.
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  • Medical Battery Pack Solution for Emergency X-ray Machine

    Medical Battery Pack Solution for Emergency X-ray Machine
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  • Medical Battery Pack Solution for Anesthesia Machine

    The anesthesia machine sends the anesthetic into the patient's alveoli through a mechanical circuit, forming a partial pressure of the anesthetic gas, and diffusing it into the blood, directly inhibiting the central nervous system, thereby producing a general anesthetic effect.
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  • How to customize the battery pack

    The application of lithium batteries is very extensive. Our application fields include: energy storage, medical, military, industrial, and different applications, different products require different voltages, capacities, currents, and series and parallel.
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  • High nickel brings high challenges

    On March 7th, Mr. Li, deputy senior simulation analysis engineer of BAK Battery Shanghai Engineering Technology Center attended the 2019 Global Automotive Thermal Management System Innovation Technology Conference and delivered a keynote speech titled “High Density 811 Cell and Cylindrical Battery Thermal Management” The site shared the characteristics and outstanding achievements of the high-density and high-nickel 811 cylindrical battery of BAK battery
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  • EES Europe 2019 INVITATION from CPKD

    As the EES Europe Exhibitions will open soon, we would like to invite you to visit our booth at the C2.430H Pavilion from 2019/5/15 to 2019/5/17.
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  • Let us find spring together

    In spring, everything recovers. We have also faded the impetuousness of the city, returning to the truth, starting from the heart, picking up the camera, going into the spring, focusing on the beauty and touch around us, and going to the small fortunate chance
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  • Future trend, Lithium ion replaces lead-acid battery

    Future trend, Lithium ion replaces lead-acid battery
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