Off-Grid Solar Energy Storage System 48V 6Kwh

Off-Grid Solar Energy Storage System 48V 6Kwh

Model:46.8V 130Ah 6Kwh Li-ion Battery Pack 
Voltage Nominal:46.8V  
Capacity Nominal:130Ah  
Max. Discharging Current: 50A
Max Peak Discharging Current: 100A
Charging Voltage: 54.6±0.1V
Standard Charging Current: 26A (0.2C)
Max. Charging Current: 50A (BMS)
Internal Resistance: <180mOhm
Cell Configuration:2P13S  
Dimensions: 160(L)*450(W)*380(H)mm 
Weight: 36Kg  
Brand Choose:LG,Sony,Panasonic,Samsung 
Cycle life:1000 Times 
Certification: TUV、IEC62133、UL、CE、CB、FCC、RoHS、UN38.3、MSDS, ISO9001 
Delivery Time: 7days (Sample), 12days (More than 500 pieces), 25days (More than 1000pieces)


Specification of this Off-Grid Solar Energy Storage System 48V 6Kwh

The household energy storage system uses rooftop solar power generation equipment, as well as energy generated by household wind turbines, and low-cost power sources of social power supply systems to store rich power in energy storage systems for use at peak times, not only for emergency purposes. The power supply can save electricity costs for the family. With new energy going to the civilian market, especially for homes with rooftop photovoltaic systems or small wind turbine systems, home energy storage systems are one of the essential equipment. The family energy storage system has basic emergency power attributes, especially in developing countries such as China. The instability of the power supply market will make the market size of the household energy storage market a large market, developing countries and underdeveloped countries. The demand in this area will be particularly strong.

The current large market for lithium batteries is concentrated in electric vehicle power batteries, and home energy storage systems only require energy-type batteries. According to Pike Research, the world's leading market research organization, the residential PV market will grow to 3 GW by 2020. If only 10% of the energy storage configuration needs, the size of the household energy storage market will reach 300 MW, according to lithium ion. The installation cost of the battery is 345 US dollars / KW, the market value of the lithium-ion battery family energy storage system is about 100 million US dollars, this figure is quite attractive. What is more noteworthy is that in this market area, there is no possibility of other energy storage technologies participating in the competition. Lithium-ion batteries are expected to dominate the domestic energy storage market.

Parameters of this Off-Grid Solar Energy Storage System 48V 6Kwh



Charging Method


Charging Voltage


Over Charging Protect


Standard Charging Current 

26A (0.2C)

Max. Charging Current

50A (BMS)

Cut-off Charging Current

2.6A (0.02C)

Standard Discharging Current

26A (0.2C)

Max. Discharging Current

50A (BMS)

Discharging cut-off Voltage


Over Discharging Protect


Over Charge Current


Over Discharge Current


Over Temperature


Internal Resistance


Standard Charge Temperature


Standard Discharge Temperature


Storage Humidity

65%RH not condensed

Storage Temperature



About 36kg

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